I am a software developer living in New Castle, Delaware.

I was born in the UK, grew up in Malaysia, and went to college at Columbia University SEAS in New York City. After graduation, I moved to Northern New Jersey and worked for Syncsort from 1995 to 2009 as a software engineer. My main focus was on the job and task control modules in Syncsort Backup Express, an enterprise backup software package. However, I also wrote and maintained Backup Express data handling modules for Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, and Sharepoint. In late 2009, I left Syncsort and moved to Delaware, where I've been working as a software engineer at Icetec since January 2011.

Outside of work, I created and maintained TwitVim, a Twitter client implemented as a Vim plugin, and PlainSq, a simplified Foursquare client for mobile web browsers. I've also written a number of scripts to do work on Flickr and Twitter, some of which I've shared here.

My hobbies include:

On occasion, I also volunteer as a mascot character for charity events.